Monday, August 8, 2011

Seven Quick Takes

1. School officially begins one week from today. ONE WEEK! This week is all about finishing summer projects. We shall see how that works out.....

2. While grocery shopping over the weekend, Baby Brother was trying to grab magazines at the check-out line. Big Brother says "We don't read tabloids!" Baby shouts "YES, read TABLOIDS!" The checker's face was priceless. I wanted to let her know that really, we don't read tabloids to him. He just likes insisting on whatever his older siblings prevent him from doing. Really!

3. My sweet husband has taken a painting break the last three days to help me organize the house. Let's just say that I think he will be happy to return to his painting!  But I have a clean refrigerator and the coat closet has been know, the necessities to begin a new school year ;-)

4. Baby Brother is still refusing a haircut. It completely covers his eyes. When Big Brother was this age I would have insisted. But ten years has given me enough perspective to know what is a big deal and what is not worth a battle. To me....this is not (and I secretly love the curls). One the other hand, to his dad and brothers, this is ridiculous and needs to be dealt with ;-)

5. Sister has been taking Irish Dance lessons this summer. She LOVES it! I think she has decided to give up her ballet and tap to just take Irish lessons. She would love to convince one of her brothers to take with her so she had a partner. I am not sure I think that will happen but she can be quite persuasive.

6. Middle Brother is starting his last year as a Cub Scout. He will join Big Brother's troop in February. They both are growing up way to fast!!

7. This will be our 7th year homeschooling!  Still so very, very worth it!

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